Major Sources



Note: the sources listed here have not all been exhaustively searched. Many of the early Scottish anthologies listed are available online, especially at


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1          First Series, 1880

            2          Second Series, 1881

                                    3          Third Series, 1881

                                    4          Fourth Series, 1882

                                    5          Fifth Series, 1883

                                    6          Sixth Series, 1883

                                    7          Seventh Series, 1884

                                    8          Eighth Series, 1885

                                    9          Ninth Series, 1886

                                    10        Tenth Series, 1887

                                    11        Eleventh Series, 1888

                                    12        Twelfth Series, 1889

                                    13        Thirteenth Series, 1890

                                    14        Fourteenth Series, 1891

                                    15        Fifteenth Series, 1893

                                    16        Sixteenth Series, 1897

ESTC                          English Short Title Catalogue

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NCBEL                       The New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature

NCSTC                      Nineteenth-Century Short-title Catalogue

NLS                            National Library of Scotland

NRA                           National Register of Archives. This indicates that a search of the NRA web page has shown an archival holding. The relevant location is usually indicated in brackets.

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